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Glossary – Branding


A physical representation of a company’s offerings and values that also exists as a subjective perspective in a customer’s mind. Brand is the essence of one’s unique story that relates closely to their target.

This is chiefly influenced by a person’s comparison of the brand’s offered promises versus their perception, experience, and interaction with every touch-point with an organisation.

Quote: It’s not what or how you boost, it’s how your customer perceives/defines your Brand.

Brand Identity:

Brand identity is the visual language of your brand, conceivably, the most vocal one. It’s not just about the logo, the colour, the design; it’s more about a visual enchantment that bolds out your brand’s competence and uniqueness and how your target audience idealise, perceive and identify your brand. Brand identity explicitly portrays itself as the most potent tool swaying the target audiences’ cognisance of your brand.

Brand identity is not amassing colours, slapping them into a logo. It mandates a strategic thinking and ongoing tactical approach which resonates throughout all aspects of your business decisions.

Each of the brand identity’s components should seek an incremental-cumulative contribution towards ensuring an optimistic, trustable federation and association between the brand and its target audience.


Branding is an art of aligning and structuring what you want your customers to think about your company. Creating and blending attributes that differentiate your product/service from your competitors in an attractive, meaningful and compelling way. 

Quote: Branding is creating a bond so ingrained that marketing/sales becomes superfluous or even unimportant.

Branding Agency:

An agency specialised in creating, developing, maintaining and improving brand’s focusing on strategically positioning of a brand in the market and in the mind of the consumer rather than just tactically communicating brand services or offerings.

Quote: Don’t make the company look smart, make its customers look smart

Branding Evangelist:

An individual who believes in the power of branding, pursues it with that singular cause and dedication, to bring about a change in thinking and simultaneously connect others to pursue this mission.

Quotes: Your story should be solving a singular problem, bring a community together to solve that very problem – You do that, your story sells.

Building a community around the philosophy of solution and would like people to be part of the solution.

Do you know the biggest Brand in the world…? – I’ll say GOD (No offenses)

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