Branding Services

If you do not intend to commoditize your business, you need to understand the importance of branding and make sure that your brand identity leaves a mark seeking out a position in the product/services category ladder of your Target Audience.

Our team’s holistic approach will make sure that your brand stands by its worth and multiply in recall value at every touchpoint – internal or external.

“The most important person in an organization any-day, any-time – is its customer”

Strategic aspects of branding that are straight-forward but every business needs to comprehend:

  • Understand your audience
  • Establish your value proposition
  • Be unique
  • Commit to your Brand Promise
  • Communicate and Connect
Brand Strategy

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Brand Positioning

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Brand Identity

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Brand Scale-up

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

For businesses, the Digital revolution (including web, mobile, social media, cloud, AI, and analytics) has created opportunities and competition.

At BI, we help companies leverage digital technologies to increase their revenue, minimize the cost of sales and marketing and above all comprehend the ROI for the money spent and thus take bold but data-driven Digital marketing decisions – Leverage Digital Marketing to scale up, both the Brand and the bottom line.

“What makes a super brand in the Digital age?”

Few pillars your Digital Marketing strategy will need the support of:

  • Define objectives and goals aligned with the overall vision
  • Develop departmental/divisional strategic plans
  • Implement via Operation Excellence
  • Constantly Evaluate and Evolve
Design & Development

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Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Online Reputation

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Web Development

At BI, we provide a complete range of thinking, designing, prototyping, developing, and delivering new digital experiences. we refer to it as digital product development services. Our services start with a thorough assessment of current consumer demands before utilizing technology to address your needs.

In industries demanding speed and mobility, development might be too time-consuming for many businesses. BrandIngrain swiftly generates prototypes for user testing with the help of competent digital product development services.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply.”

Development services that every business needs to encompass:

  • Custom mobile app on iOS and Andriod platforms
  • Give your mobile app vision a reality
  • Optimization and operation of web application
  • Productive workforce and increased profits
  • Custom website development

Mobile app development


Designing and deploying a software product


Changing business requirements


Dedicating Resources to your projects

Marketing Support

Day to Day marketing support has been the most cumbersome task for organizations with the ever-changing online marketing environment taking a toll on them.

Focus on the core area of expertise, leave limited options for a team to be well versed with these changing marketing dimensions. Today, we talk about Neuro-marketing, AI, ML, VR in direct marketing strategies. Most of these Aliens to us – just 3 years back. The core area of expertise of BI is Marketing innovations to ease their day to days, assisting companies to focus on their core business.

“Operational Excellence is the Ultimate Differentiator for a good overall Marketing Strategy”

Few suggestions to always be ahead of the curve in Marketing execution:

  • Have a team focused on disruptions/innovations.
  • Create processes to ease the task at hand, being in command.
  • Have the entire team contribute to Branding and Marketing.
Customer Support

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Analytics & Marketing Intelligence

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Social Media Support

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Web & Mobile platform Maintenance

Digital Marketing