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Evolution of a Brand & Emotional Branding

A company starts out with a product/service that solves a rational concern in their TA’s life.  The company has to grow and therefore focuses on selling, parallelly trying to create an identity. As the identity gets created internally and sales become superfluous, the company has to look towards adhering to its Brand Promise and striving towards operational excellence to provide best possible user experience on a repeat mode. That is exactly the time it becomes an idea, a Brand, that fulfills TA’s emotional needs.

“Isn’t it all about thoughts & emotions”

From being just a functional unit the company changes to fulfilling emotional needs. A consumer will keep a brand on his/her category ladder only if he/she has an emotional connection to it. 

“What do I see upon closing my eyes. Am I too dubious?

What do I see about tablets when I close my eyes and think about buying one”

The emotions we feel inside compel us to convert them into actions and thus influence the decisions we make.

If I had to name one of the top brands in the world, it would be “GOD”. And we all know – it is emotional – it could be fear or happiness.


In 1970’s psychologist Paul Ekman identified six basic emotions that are: Joy/Happiness, Excitement, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and I would like to add which I believe is the most important of all in today’s world- Contentment.
Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs classified emotional motivation through social and biological needs. Humans ought to wrap up their physiological needs (air, food, shelter, water) before they start working their way over and to meet all their emotional needs: (respect, strength, status, and self-actualization)

What if Maslow’s theory of ‘human needs’ was applied to branding? What’s the secret to the world’s most successful brands’ captivating power to enchant large populations and how do they apply the principles of human nature (primarily emotions) to branding?

Realizing what needs your service or product is to fulfill and how well your brand’s value proposition fits in the pyramid you are climbing can assist you narrow down which emotions to target.

Why Prefer The Emotional Concept?

Everything from your brand’s design, user experience and icon can be optimised through the concept of emotional branding which establishes loyalty among the users.

Brands that attach the emotional component to the value their brand synthesizes, are more plausible to be perceived favorably by their consumers, as compared to their competitors, who, without emotional branding, can feel like soulless firms.


Decisions are commonly made subconsciously. Most of the businesses are said to happen through one’s initial emotional reactions to it, lying well below the foyer of awareness.

Choosing colours,messages, fonts, and the general “feel” of your brand does not have to be a daunting and complicated task when you’re thoughtful and also pay attention to your users’ reactions.

Using emotions throughout your branding and marketing strategy can assist you create a loyal and life-long brand for your consumers.

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