The overall business objective is to scale up not just the enrollments but also the graduation for 6 courses offered by the trade school. BrandIngrain started with understanding the root cause – Why would students join PTTI and not any other school? Why does the school have such a high dropout rate? Providing a 360-degree branding solution where the brand identity and USP are included in a holistic approach on every touch-point to the TA. The Students, faculty, and employers all like and relate to the Brand promise and Vision of the school post-rebranding.


BrandIngrain did not only work on online marketing but also aimed to reach the audience with outdoor marketing. Creating graphics, flags, merchandise, and posters for SEPTA. Connecting with as many people as possible, BrandIngrain joined PTTI in its motive of changing one life at a time and also made sure that not just students after completing high school “but even older people” can connect with PTTI and bring a change to their life, making it better. 

High Drop-Out Rate? 

The answer to the above question helped us mount our strategic decisions and back them up with tactical implementation. Distinctive Brand Philosophy Centred only on Students, their careers, and their future. Getting the leadership at PTTI to be onboard with the disruptive nature of the sector and fully dedicate themselves to scale up technologically. 


98% of Students and Stakeholders state PTTI has improved for the betterment of the students and faculty. Improved collaboration within the team even in the times of Covid-19. 6 new enrolment channels for the Admissions team. Increase in the number of students from Online channels by 1100%.