Lay the foundation for a Disruptive idea that has the potential to change Home Automation

“It’s difficult to change an existing model of living. Just craft a new, more relatable model that makes the existing one obsolete.” Gaurav Sharma


With a Goto Market deadline in 2020, Sternet Industries approached us with intentions to launch Huelite – which had the vision to disrupt the intelligent lighting and Home automation industry with their patent-pending firmware that could change the overall scenario of how the market looks at procuring raw material for lightning and home automation industry. They had a scattered strategy to jump into the market with lightning products and then gradually, with their AI, ML, and IPS-based firmware, get into the Home automation industry, which is relatively new in the subcontinent.

BrandIngrain supported the client in expanding their brand horizon by expanding on essential platforms. BrandIngrain assisted in expanding the audience for the client by providing assistance in technical support and addressing inquiries from Huelite’s consumers. BrandIngrain found the target market, helpful business insights, market research statistics, and everything else they required to grow their brand.

Challenge Accepted

  1. Ingrain the vision of the founders – recent graduates yet visionaries.
  2. Identifying a market that’s futuristic where even secondary research is based on competitor research?
  3. Struggling to create a differentiation strategy as had trademark concerns with Phillips.
  4. Brand Narrative that relates to both B2C and B2B Customers.
  5. No strategic Brand building and marketing implementation plan.

  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Mobile App
  • Marketing
  • Web & Mobile Design Development
  • Social Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO


This paved the way for us to be creative to the core and plan a go-to-market strategy in a way that has never been done before. With Huelite, people can beautify their homes and offices, providing a great aura in the atmosphere. We ensure that Huelite can stand out from the competition by providing a competitive advantage in its marketing strategies. Although postponed due to COVID-19, Huelite has now come to aww everybody with its product line in the smart lighting and home automation market soon.

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